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Prod. 1949
R.Time: 95 '


Giorgio Pastina.


Clara Calamai, Marina Berti, Roldano Lupi.




Sicily is ruled by Charles of Anjou: Elena di Paterṇ, promised to Giovanni da Procida, is forced to marry the governor of Palermo. But Giovanni da Procida returns home from exile and prepares a revolution. Tracked down by the governor's mercenaries led by captain Droet, he takes refuge in the house of a miller (Tommaso) who helps him to flee. Droet has the opportunity to meet the beautiful daughter of the miller (Laura) and falls in love with her. Laura is promised to a young fisherman and, with the help of the abbot of Santo Spirito and of the governor's wife, she tries to get married as soon as possible. To prevent the wedding, Droet prepares a trap for the miller and arrests him as a rebel: Tommaso will eventually be killed in a battle between the rebels and the French army. During Laura's wedding, Droet tries to kidnap the bride, but the bridegroom protects her. This is the spark that sets the situation ablaze: the whole population starts to revolt, Giovanni da Procida comes down from the mountains with his armed men. The governor wants to flee, but Elena incites the rebels to hit hard. She is hit herself together with the husband she hates. Sicily is finally free and Laura can marry her beloved.

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